A CMS for Lightning-fast, Embeddable Forms

Introducing FormSurge

As a software developer, I hate forms.

Styling them is so much harder than it should be, there are so many difference pieces that you have to get right and so many fine details. Then on top of that there is field validation and error reporting. But that also has to be presented in a way that maintains a good user experience so that the user will even fill out the form. And on top of it all, you have to wire up a backend and database to collect the actual responses to the form.

This bugged me so much, that I decided to build a tool so that I would never have to build another form from scratch ever again.

Introducing FormSurge, a content management system built specifically for easily creating and managing forms. No more hand-coding inputs, labels, buttons, and any of the many difference types of fields. No more stressing about validations and reporting errors to users, FormSurge can handle that for you. No more setting up database tables and api endpoints just to collect email addresses.

Cleaner codebase. Why dedicate a database table to emails that are only used by non-devs? That data can go elsewhere where they can access it more easily anyway.

Not a developer? Now you can manage and make real-time changes to your forms without having to take away a developer's time or wait for a production deployment. And trust me, your devs will love not having to build and maintain forms.

Also, if you don't have a technical background we are happy to install your forms for you!